Solitude does not necessarily mean loneliness 

There are days when loneliness hits you right in the chest. Then there are those quiet moments where you’re absolutely alone with your thoughts and are completely okay with the silence. 

Solitude is cathartic in a way. Being on your own should be a thing we’re all okay with. If we can not be at peace when we are with ourselves, then how can we be at peace when we are in the company of others; with each other. 

Moments of contemplation lead to clarity in our thoughts. That is why meditation is thought to be an anti-depressant. Letting your thoughts follow the path they are taking, at a mellow speed is the most calming experience ever. It binds your ideas of life together. It illuminates all aspects of the secrets of this world. 

Do you enjoy moments alone? Where are your favourite places of solitude? 

I spend atleast 15 minutes everyday, in my own kind of nest, just taking a moment to organise the thoughts racing through my ever noisy mind. 


Such a girl? 

Such a girl. 

Such an important statement.         

Such a strong comparison.

Such a joke. 

How many millions of times have girls been told that they’re acting like ‘such a girl’. 

It’s a statement used so lightly without thought of reprucussions. And not only towards the female half of our species. If a guy hits lightly; he is ‘such a girl’. If he cries; he is ‘such a girl’. 

Such an insult. 

Why? Why do we dethrone our women from the pedestal they should be on? Why do we not raise them higher? Why can’t we refer to our girls as the strong ones? Why do they always have to be weaker? 

Is it because they are not physically bigger? Or is it because for generations to come, we, as women, have allowed ourselves to be referred to as the weaker of our species. Yet, it is the women that bear children for nine months in their womb. It is the women that overcome those back breaking contractions during labour. It is the women who provide sustenance from their own selves for their child; literally, for the first few months of their lives. It is the women who raise these children; yes even the men who degrade their women were raised by a woman. 

So I find it hard to comprehend how exactly women are the weaker ones. If someone is to say I am being ‘such a girl’ I’ll be proud. 

Next time you say ‘such a girl’ make it motivating; inspiring, NOT insulting. Mention a few motivating statements we could use, instead of degrading ones, in the comments below. Let’s go against Conventional wisdom and be the change we’d like to see. 

“You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl” – SRK