When life is too simple

The hardest part about being a last born child is that your parents will always think of you as just that; a child. Even now, months after reaching the ripe age of well legality – heck nearing 19 full years of my existance on this earth – my parents view of me is of an imbecile who is utterly incapable of making any life decisions for herself. At first I didn’t mind that much coz hey, what decisions can a teen ever make without her parents but when it comes to my dreams and what I want, I refuse to hold back. I know where they are coming from. I’m their baby girl and they don’t want to see me all grown up yet even though I might look twelve, I most certainly am not. Life decisions are exactly that; life altering. It’s hard to move on with my life and my dreams when I have nearly everyone around me pulling me back and holding me down. It’s time to stand up for what I want and what I need; and that is the ability to grow and learn who and what I am.


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